Are the apartments furnished?

Yes, each bedroom includes a bed, storage bin, a desk and a chair. Window coverings are also included. The living room includes a sofa, and coffee table. Each unit is furnished with either bar stools or dining set.

Do I need to sign a 12 month lease?

Our normal lease is 12 months. However, you have the option to sign a (minimum) 10 month lease (e.g. from August 5 - June 4) for a small premium.

Do I get to choose my roommates?

Once you sign a lease, you will be registered automatically on "Roomsync". You choose your own roommates. If you choose a roommate of the opposite sex, then all roommates in the unit need to sign an addendum acknowledging the choice of a coed unit.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, we are pet friendly. There is a monthly pet fee. Only one small non-aggressive dog breeds, cats, bunnies are allowed. We need vet report to show all vaccinations of the pet is current. There is an additional deposit per pet.

Where do I park my car?

We have a limited number of parking spaces. They can be rented for an additional monthly fee. Please contact the leasing staff.

Where do I charge my EV?

EV charging is available to tenants who rent a parking space. We only have 8 charging stations located on the second floor. There is a monthly fee for unlimited charging per vehicle in addition to the parking fee.

What do I need to bring when I move-in?

Each individual has different needs, we suggest the following for reference only:

  • lamps
  • linens
  • pillows
  • toiletries
  • kitchen utencils
  • toaster/coffee machine
  • trash can, trash bags
  • cleaning supplies
  • detergents

Is there someone on the premise to assist with needs?

Yes, a resident manager is on site.

Do I pay for internet and how fast is the internet speed?

Internet is free. You get a log in name when you move in. After logging in, you have wifi6 internet whereever you are in the building. The maximum speed per user per device is 400mbps, fast enough to stream 4k videos, with bandwidth to spare.

Wifi6 is great, what if I need wired connection to my desktop computer?

Contact the leasing office to check out a wireless Access Point (AP) with a deposit. The back of the AP has a CAT5 jack that allows your desktop to connect to the internet. Return the AP to the leasing office upon move-out and get a full refund.

Please do not plug in your own equipment into Comcast equipment in the media cabinet. You may face a large financial bill if it causes any downtime.

Are utilities included in the rent?

All utilities are included with a limit on usage to minimize waste. Any overage is billed based on utility companies' rate.

When are deposits returned?

Deposits (after any legal deductions) are returned within 21 days of your move-out date with a closing statement.

Can I mount my TV on the wall?

We have reinforced the wall so that TV up to 65 inches can be mounted. In fact, we will mount it for you one time free of charge. If you have a TV larger than 65 inches, you need to purchase a TV stand yourself.

Can I put my own furniture in the unit?

Yes. However, You are responsible for storing the furnished furniture and put them back upon move-out.

Can I lock my room when I am out?

Yes, every room has an electronic lock that you can open with your key card, or a 4-digit pin.

Are there extra storage?

Yes, we have a limited number of storage rooms on each floor that you can rent. Contact our leasing staff if you are interested.