accord FAQs


Emergency afterhours

The emergency afterhours number is 669.696.7266 for non life-threatening situations. Call 911 otherwise.
The following is considered emergencies:
- fire or smoke
- Water leaks
- Excessive noise during quiet hours between 11pm and 8am
- fighting or violent disputes (non life threatening)
- Trespassing
The following is NOT considered emergencies:
- locked out of your unit (use your cellphone to open the lobby door, remember your pins)
- plugged toilets or sink (this can wait till the following morning)
- parking space occupied by another vehicle (report to management the next morning)

Maintenance and Service Request

All maintenance request must be submitted via Tenant Portal with AppFolio. No exception.
Tenant can check the status via Tenant Portal. Tenant may be responsible for any service cost due to negligence, excessive/abusive usage.

Offsite Parking Status

The County Housing Authority of Santa Clara has adviced that they will not be renewing our lease by November 2024.
Management is exploring all options to increase the number of parking space within the building.
One of the options is to install car lifts. Please check with management for the latest.


If you are trapped in the elevators, press the "HELP" button at the bottom of the panel and connect to a life person to assist you.

How to print or scan using the printers in the study lounge of each floor (3/F to 7/F)

Download and install Brother iPrint & Scan software. Both Windows and Mac are supported.
Download iPrint & Scan (windows)
Download iPrint & Scan (Mac)
Use this app to print/scan on any of the 5 printers available on each floor.

Connect the USB cable provided to your computer USB port. Open the app and click on "Select your Machine" button. Select the "MFC-L2750DW" from the USB tab. Network printing is not supported. Contact the leasing office during office hours for help.

To print: Click the "Print" icon, and locate the file on your computer that you want to print. "Click" the "Next" button, change to 2-sided printing if desired. "Click" the green "Print" button to print. See Brother Print using iPrint & Scan for details.

To scan: put the document(s) in the top feeder (face up). Click the "Scan" icon, select the desired "settings" and click the green "Scan" button. The document will start being fed one by one. When it is done scanning, you can save the scanned image(s) to your computer as "jpeg" or "pdf" or other image formats. You can also select a folder on your computer where you want the image(s) to be saved.
The Brother MFC-L2750DW model is capable of 2-sided scanning. "Turn on" 2-sided scanning in "Scan Settings" after you click the "Scan" icon. You can also change the Color Setting and the Resolution in Scan Settings.

Garage Gate

Our garage gates use RFID technology. You should place the RFID card on your dashboard. When you are entering the garage, DO NOT ENTER the red striped area. The garage gate have a wide swing. Wait outside the red zone. The RFID sensor will take a few second to open the garage door.
Do not share the RFID card with anyone. Your parking space might be revoked if you share your RFID card.
Please report lost or stolen RFID card ASAP to the leasing office. We will issue a replacement card for a fee.
See "Key Replacement Cost" in the Resident's Corner in the home page.

Smoke Detectors

If you hear chirping in your rooms that means that we possibly need to add or change batteries in the smoke detectors. Let us know immediately so that we can fix that problem right away.

If you cook a lot, please be aware that the smoke detectors are very sensitive. Make sure you open all windows and turn on the exhaust fan built into the microwave above the range.

How to activate the intercom system so that visitors or delivery people can call from outside the building.

  • Download from the appstore "FirstKeeper" onto your cell phone.
  • Create an account on "FirstKeeper"
  • "Allow" the app to do everything e.g. manage the calls etc.

    How to operate (Visitors and Delivery people):
  • Visitor(s) can "call" you from the Intercom next to the front lobby door by typing in your unit number.

    Unit number convention (try it yourself and put in the delivery instruction to Amazon or others)
    Unit number follows the convention is xxxy, where xxx is the unit number, and y is the room number (A=1; B=2; C=3, D=4)
    For those tenants sharing a room, the convention is xxxyz where z is either 1 or 2 depending on which bed is used by you.
    For instance, if your bed is 408-A2, the number your visitor should dial is 40812.

  • When the correct bed number is entered into the Intercom, the firstkeeper app you installed on your phone will ring.
  • Answer the ring as you would answer any call to your phone, you can start talking to the visitor.
  • Should you decide to let the person in, push the "Open Door" button on the app, the leftmost button on the first row of icons.
  • That would release the lock, and your visitor can get in.
  • Please see the instruction for more detial.

Where are the Emergency Exits

There are 3 emergency exits: the front door, the side door (onto 11th street), and the garage gate. Please familiarize yourself the exit plan the day you moved in. Emergency evacuation plan are posted on the wall on each floor across from the elevator.

When the fire alarm sounds, or when otherwise directed to leave the building, stay calm and make sure other people in your immediate area are aware of the need to evacuate.

Take valuables (wallets, passports, etc) with you (if you in your room, DO NOT go back to your room) but leave large bags behind.

Walk to the nearest safe exit and evacuate the building. Do not use the elevators during a fire- or weather-related emergency. If you are in an unfamiliar area follow the exit signs to the nearest safe exit.

Do not re-enter the building until you have been notified by the authorities to do so.

First responders often silence the alarm in order to better communicate with each other. Silencing the alarm is NOT a signal for occupants to re-enter!

Use an Area of Rescue Assistance located just outside the stairwell if you cannot use the stairs. PRESS the BUTTON and talk to the person on the other end. The best practice is to ask any passersby to help you.

What is the button for next to the elevator?

That is the Rescue Assistance button. It is to be use by handcapped person or injured person in an emergency evacuation. The call button is connected to a call center. If you press the button accidentally, just stay in the area and wait a voice from the call center, and tell them you press the button accidentally. If you leave the area, the fire department will be dispatched and you will be responsible for any charges for a false alarm.

Cleaning service

If you want to setup one-time or regular cleaning services for a fee, please talk to our leasing staff. There are special package rates from time to time.


Every floor has two (2) trash chutes. It is located at the end of the hallway to the left of the elevators when you come out. They are for trash secured in a small trash bag (13 gallon or less).
All recyclable material should be put into the recycle box(es) located in the trash rooms. All cardboard boxes should be flattened.
DO NOT try to put cardboard boxes or large trash bags inside the trash chute. They will be stuck in the middle of the trash chute and you would be responsible for an expensive bill to remove.

Are the apartments furnished?

Yes, each bedroom includes a bed, storage bin, a desk and a chair. Window coverings are included in some rooms. The living room includes a sofa, and coffee table. Each unit is furnished with either bar stools or dining set.

Do I need to sign a 12 month lease?

Our normal lease is 12 months. However, you have the option to sign a (minimum) 10 month lease (e.g. from August 5 - June 4) for a small premium.

Do I get to choose my roommates?

Once you sign a lease, you will be registered automatically on a software package called "Roomsync". You choose your own roommates. If you choose a roommate of the opposite sex, then all roommates in the unit need to sign an addendum acknowledging the choice of a coed unit. Similar consent may be required for LGBTQ's. Please note that management is not allowed by law to inquire a tenant's sex or sexual preferences or any discriminatory questions, and cannot help in roommate selection.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, we are pet friendly. There is a monthly pet fee. Only one small non-aggressive dog breeds, cats, bunnies are allowed. We need vet report to show all vaccinations of the pet is current. There is an additional deposit per pet. We have 2 pet friendly floors: 3F and 7F.

Where do I park my car?

We have 50 onsite and 30 offsite parking spaces. They can be rented for an additional monthly fee. Please contact the leasing staff. The offsite parking lot on 80 N 13th St.

Where do I charge my EV?

EV charging is available only to tenants who rent a parking space. We have 3 charging stations located on the second floor near the Sparta room on the south side of the garage. There is a monthly fee for unlimited charging per vehicle in addition to the parking fee.

Where do I store my bike or electric scooter?

We have a secured storage room for bike and electric scooter complete with charging outlets. You can use your keycard to access.

What do I need to bring when I move-in?

Each individual has different needs, we suggest the following for reference only:

  • desk lamps
  • linens
  • pillows & blankets
  • toiletries
  • kitchen utencils
  • toaster/coffee machine
  • trash can, trash bags
  • cleaning supplies
  • detergents

Is there someone on the premise to assist with needs?

Yes, a resident manager (669.696.7266) is on site.

Do I pay for internet and how fast is the internet speed?

Internet is free. You should have gotten an email from Comcast to activate your account. After registering with Comcast, you have wifi6 internet whereever you are in the building. The maximum speed per user per device is 400mbps inside your unit, fast enough to stream 4k videos, with bandwidth to spare. Internet speed elsewhere in the building depends on how close you are to an Access Point.

Wifi6 is great, what if I need wired connection to my desktop computer?

Bring a wifi-enabled desktop. The best way is to buy a USB3.0 wifi adapter with a minimum rating of AC1300Mbps. This enables your desktop to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Please do not plug in your own equipment into Comcast equipment in the media cabinet. You may face a large financial bill if it causes any downtime.

Are utilities included in the rent?

All tenants will be charged a small one time setup fee and a fixed monthly utility fee. Any overage is billed based on utility companies' rate.

When are deposits returned?

Deposits (after any legal deductions) are returned within 21 days of your move-out date with a closing statement. Please make sure you leave a forwarding address to leasing management.

Can I mount my TV on the living room wall?

We have reinforced the living room wall so that big screen TV can be mounted. Make sure you bring a mount that will support the weight of your TV. We will mount it for you in the living room one time free of charge. We will charge $100 to mount your hardware in your own room.

Can I put my own furniture in the unit?

Yes. However, You are responsible for storing the furnished furniture and put them back upon move-out.

Can I lock my room when I am out?

Yes, every room has an electronic lock that you can open with your key card, or a 4-digit pin.

Are there extra storage?

Yes, we have a limited number of storage rooms on each floor that you can rent. Contact our leasing staff if you are interested.

How many elevators are there in the building, and how big are they?

We have two elevators on the west side behind the lobby.

Dimension of the elevators:
Door width – 42”
Cabin – 81” deep x 65” wide with 4" railing on 3 sides
Height – 117”

Renter's Insurance - What is the requirements?

Insured amount shall be $300,000 minimum. The amount may seem high but the additional premium is minimal, and well worth it for your protection.

The policy has to name the landlord, "Horizon Real Properties Holdings LLC" and the property management company, "Pinewave Development Group, Inc." as additional "INSURED".

Please note that additional "INTEREST" or such will not be acceptable.

The difference between additional "INSURED" and additional "INTEREST" is that additional "INTEREST" merely obligate the carrier to inform the landlord if there is any change in the policy. Additional "INSURED" means any mishaps or lawsuits caused by the tenant covers the landlord as well. Again, the difference in premium is small.

Many carriers will not underwrite additional "INSURED" policies including but not limited to Nationwide, Safeco, Mercury, Travelers, Stillwater, and Foremost. Please contact your insurance agent to inquire and cancel such policy if they cannot offer the proper endorsement.

As of 8/8/2022, the following carriers will underwrite additional "INSURED" policies: Lemonade, GradGuard, and State Farm.

Without a properly executed insuarance policy, You WILL NOT be allowed to move in.